Do You Have A Question About Covid19 Vaccines?

Watch the Local Medical Officers of Health and Physicians from our local public health units answer questions about the COVID-19 Vaccines

  1. Why get vaccinated?
  2. How do mRNA vaccines, like the COVID-19 vaccine, work?
  3. Can the mRNA vaccine alter a person’s DNA?
  4. Can the COVID-19 vaccine cause a COVID-19 infection?
  5. Once a person is fully vaccinated, can they stop following public health measures, like wearing a mask, physical distancing, and self-isolating when they become sick?
  6. Can people with severe allergies to a component of the COVID-19 vaccine receive the vaccine?
  7. Can people with severe allergies to other vaccines, medicines, or foods receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
  8. If a person develops an adverse reaction to a vaccine, what should they do?
  9. What are the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  10. Can the COVID-19 vaccine cause a false positive COVID-19 viral test?
  11. Are there any other precautions with receiving the vaccine?
  12. Were people of different races and ethnicities included in the clinical trial?
  13. Can people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 be vaccinated?
  14. How was Health Canada able to approve the vaccine so quickly, and did they lower their safety standards for vaccines?

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