We work in inter-disciplinary teams to ensure effective and timely communication and decision-making. Teams include:

ConnectWell Community Health

  • Senior LeadershipTeam
  • Finance Team
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Privacy Committee
  • Property Management Committee
  • Environmental Committee (formerly called the Green Committee) 

Health and Mental Health:

  • Community Team
  • Health Team
  • Primary Care Team
  • Mental Health Support Project
    • Members Sounding Board
    • Advisory Working Group

Autism, Respite, Child & Youth and Developmental Services:

  • Autism – ABA
  • Autism – Intensive Behaviour
  • Behaviour Development Team
    • Lanark County Autism Parent Support Group – parent lead ~ with support from the Behaviour Development Program
  • Connections Team
  • Family Relief Team
    • Parent Respite Support Group – parent lead ~ with support from the Family Relief Program
  • Infant and Child Development Team
  • Lanark Early Integration Team
  • Language Development Team
  • Therapeutic Riding Team
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