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ABA Skill Building groups are brief and concentrated instructive programs for a relatively small group of children/youth that focuses on techniques and/or skills in a particular domain of learning.  Skills groups offer an evidence-based program that improves core learning skills in the areas of social emotional learning, communication skills, and activities of daily living.  Our Autism Therapists, and Therapy Assistants deliver this specialized program.  All teaching strategies are based on the principals of Applied Behaviour Analysis.   Participants will have increased understanding of the topics presented, will be able to identify & strengthen actions required to further develop skills related to the topics presented, and will regulate their behaviours in natural environments as a result of the information that has been presented to them.  Skills groups can run anywhere from 4-12 weeks in duration. Each week there are new learning objectives and the skills are demonstrated using a variety of tools & activities.  Content is delivered using a systematic approach making it accessible for child/youth and moving at a pace that is appropriate for the unique mix of group members.  Skills groups are created with group members in mind.  It is important that group members are matched based on their needs, abilities and their ages.  This aids in keeping content relevant and moving towards success with each member of the group.

Regulation Rocks

This skills group is intended for youth wanting to…

  • learn how to regulate their tolerance for social-emotional experiences in a group setting
  • Wanting to understand what self-regulation is and how to achieve it
  • wanting to understand their personal responses to stress
  • wanting an opportunity to meet other youth with ASD and share common experiences in relation to regulation

Topics covered:

  1. Understanding the science of stress
  2. My body cues when I am stressed
  3. Strategies for self regulation and calming
  4. Communicating my needs
  5. Recognizing the size of the problem
  6. Problem Solving steps

Quick Facts:

  • 3 curriculums available!!
    • Curriculum 6-10yrs old.
    •  Curriculum Age 11-14
    • Young adult curriculum 14+
  • Type of Group – Self regulation
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 6
PEERS – An adaptation by ConnectWell

PEERS is a program is for teens wanting to pursue a deeper understanding of the social interpersonal relationships between friends. It is intended for motivated participants with a desire to learn more about social rules and expectations associated with maintaining and keeping friends.  Each teen will have a self – designated “social coach”.  This can be a parent, or any other person that has a significant role in their teen’s life. The social coach attends information sessions so they are able to support their teen throughout the program.  The PEERS curriculum is research based and designed to support social skills development for those with ASD and social emotional learning challenges.  It is broken down into clearly divided lessons with concrete steps, corresponding homework assignments, and fun socialization activities making it accessible to these learners.  PEERS is an evidence-based program, rooted in ecologically valid social skills meaning all skills taught and practiced in this program are socially recognized behaviors that are naturally used by many teens.

Topics include

  • Trading information and conversation rules
  • Entering and exiting conversation
  • Finding a source of friends
  • Using appropriate humour
  • Sportsmanship
  • Planning and executing a get together

Quick Facts…

  • Type of Group – Parent Mediated Social Skills
  • Parents attend a concurrent coaching sessions while their teen attends their sessions
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 12
Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds

Do you want to live a healthier life style but it seems overwhelming to make changes?  Do you feel tired, sluggish and unorganized? Do you have goals but not sure how to get there? Then the healthy Bodies Healthy Minds might be the skills group for you!

This skills group is intended for youth aged with ASD that are…

  • wanting to know more about healthy habits they can implement in their daily lives
  • Wanting to know how healthy habits can help them achieve their highest potential.
  • Wanting to share challenges and experiences in their daily lives
  • Looking for support and encouragement from teens like them as they work towards creating positive changes in their lives.

Topics covered:

  • Goal setting
  • Healthy hygiene habits
  • Healthy mindset and self image
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Healthy relationships with screen time
  • Goals review and celebration

Quick Facts

  • Age 12+
  • Type of Group – Life skills
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 6
Preteen Friendship skills

Do you have a preteen that is looking to advance their social interpersonal skills as they move towards adolescence? Have they recently moved to a new school with different peers? Are they looking to deepen their existing friendships with people they already know? Check out Friendship Skills for Preteens

This skills group is intended for youth aged 11-14 wanting to…

  • learn how to use social interpersonal skills that are typical among their peer group
  • Understand different types of social relationships and the social behaviours based on that relationship
  • Learn how to initiate social experiences with peers

Topics covered will be

  • Relationships and levels of friendship
  • Finding friends like me
  • Asking a friend to hang out
  • Making a plan to hang out
  • Doing the Hang Out plan
  • Review and Celebration session 

Quick Facts…

  • Age 11-14
  • Type of Group – Social Skills
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 6
Bully Proof

The teenage years can be difficult to navigate but when you are having conflict with classmates and peers it can be even harder.  In this group we will learn strategies to deal with conflicts with friends and how to deal with the bullies in our communities too.  Join us for BullyProof and get the support your teen needs!

  • This skills group is intended for youth aged 13-18yr olds wanting to…
  • Know how to respond to others when they are being bothered by unkind peers
  • How to manage conflicts among their existing friends
  • How to avoid or repair negative reputations

Topics Covered:

  • Handling teasing
  • Responding to embarrassing feedback
  • Minimizing cyber bullying
  • Managing rumors and gossip
  • Handling physical bullying
  • Responding to disagreements
  • Bringing up disagreements
  • Changing a reputation

Quick Facts:

  • Age 13-18
  • Type of Group – Social Skills
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 8
Screen Smarts! - Screen time and Social Media

Do you have a preteen that is needs support on how to have a positive relationship with their screens? Have they started using social media and want to make sure they are being socially smart while doing it? Are they looking to make sure they have a good balance between screen time and social experiences with their family and peers then join us for Screen Smarts!

  • This skills group is intended for youth aged 11-14 wanting to…
  • Have healthy and balanced relationships with their screens
  • Understand using adaptive social skills when socializing online with peers
  • Be safe when surfing the internet

Topics Covered:

  • Healthy relationship with screens
  • Social media etiquette
  • Socially Safe when online
  • Getting a peers contact info and using cover stories

Quick Facts

  • Age 13-18
  • Type of Group – Social Skills
  • Hours per Session – 2
  • Number of Sessions – 4
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