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Our Family Support Workers provide support, education and a caring ear to all our families.
Visits are typically in the home but can take place anywhere in the community at the participant’s request.

Family Support Workers assist the parent(s) in identifying their strengths, challenges, needs and successes of parenting.

Goals are often around child development, establishing routines, home safety, budgeting, nutrition and other matters of importance to the family.

We offer concrete, practical solutions that help make life more manageable for the family.

Information and support is also offered on accessing community supports and services.

What can you expect :

A Family Support worker can help you with a wide range of things – everything from talking about relationships, helping with parenting ideas to accompanying you at medical or legal appointments.

A Family Support worker will: 

  • Build a relationship with you and your family based on trust and respect
  • Work with you to identify and address your needs and establishes goals
  • Offer information, model skills, and help you connect with specialized programs if you need it.
  • Helps with the concrete, practical, tangible matters that make life easier (e.g. getting food, getting money, solving problems)
  • Accompany you to appointments if you would like (e.g. medical, legal)
  • Help you, the parent, have fun with your children – the Family Support worker will models play and may bring a variety of toys, books, arts and crafts to the visit
  • Provide support around relationships, addictions, domestic violence, infant and child development, FASD, mental health and more

For more information, please call:

ConnectWell Community Health- Carleton Place and speak with  Leigh at 613-257-2779 ext. 3100 or toll-free at 1-888-284-2204 ex 3100. 




Parent Education

Our Parent Education programs are provided in a variety of ways and based on needs of our families.  We partner with other service providers to provide a range of topics.

Some of our parenting programs include:

  • Making the Connection
  • Bounce Back & Thrive
  • Nobody’s Perfect
  • Anger/Stress workshop
  • Kids Have Stress Too
  • Triple P parenting

For more information, please call:
ConnectWell Community Health- Carleton Place and speak with Leigh at 613-257-2779 ext. 3100 or toll-free at 1-888-284-2204 ext. 3100

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