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Group programming for all community members facilitated by a Registered Dietitian

Do you want to improve your cooking skills?
Would you like to learn more about what to eat to support your health?
Have you been thinking about your relationship with food?

If so, then we have a program for you!

From cooking classes to nutrition workshops to programming about food relationships, we have something for everyone.

Available Programs:

Craving Change – A ‘how-to’ program for changing one’s relationship with food. 

Guys in the kitchen – For all men wanting to improve their cooking and meal-planning skills. 

Heart Healthy Cooking – A program that teaches you how to cook healthy, nutritious meals. 

Nutrition and Cooking Workshops – We offer a variety of workshops for children and parents, adults and seniors.

All of our programs are free and available to all community members.

To find out which locations and classes  are currently being offered , please click on Events & Workshops

For more information, please call:

ConnectWell Community Health– Lanark Site 613-259-2182 or Toll Free  1- 866-762-0496

ConnectWell Community Health– Renfrew County Sites 613-582-3685


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