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Healthcare provided by medical professionals within our rural communities. Our medical offices are located in Lanark and Beachburg.

Are you looking for a family doctor or general practitioner?

We have a team of doctors, nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals to meet the health-care needs of our rural communities. This is called primary care.

Our primary care practitioners provide you with the best possible care throughout your life-span: from pregnant women and young families to clients needing access to palliative care.

We know that living in a rural area can make it challenging for you to access quality primary care. We work as a team to make sure you can get access to the help you need. For example, through our telemedicine program, you can talk to a variety of specialists through videoconferencing – which saves you the travel time, cost and stress associated with seeing a specialist in Ottawa or Kingston.

To find out more about our Lanark location, please call:
Local – 613-259-2182
Toll-Free – 866-762-0496

To find out more about our Beachburg location, please call:
Local – 613-582-3685

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