Funding Management

We can assist you to apply for government funding to help support your loved one.
Have you received government funding for the care of your child, but you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do?

We help families manage their funding, maintain government compliance and provide support with system navigation.

In other words: we guide you through when and where you can spend your government funding, so that you can rest easy knowing you haven’t missed anything.

Examples of funding that we have helped families coordinate include:

  • Special Services at Home Funding
  • Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
  • Enhanced Respite Funding
  • ASD Services Funding
  • Passport Funding
  • OAP One Time Funding 
  • And many more

For more information, please call:

ConnectWell Community Health Carleton- Place and speak with Melanie 613-257-7619 ex 3354 or Toll Free 1(800) 667-2617 x3354

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