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The ConnectWell Community Health Respite Homes provides respite services to caregivers who need a break from the daily responsibility and care of a loved one with developmental or special needs.

Respite House: ConnectWell has respite homes in Lanark County. These homes are staffed by trained professionals to ensure consistency and comfort for clients and families.  We provide a friendly family atmosphere.

What can I expect?

We operate with a homey atmosphere and with the comfort of our clients in mind.  Our staff are trained in a variety of areas including behaviour management, tube feeding, operating lifts and transfers as well as toileting.

What activities are at the respite house?

The respite house offers a variety of fun and exciting things to do during one’s stay.  No matter what the individual limitations may be, the respite house has an activity for everyone.

Some activities may include:

  • In ground swimming pool
  • Play structure & trampoline
  • Gaming systems
  • Craft supplies
  • Playroom with adaptive and developmental toys for growth and stimulation
  • Computer access
  • Toys beyond your imagination!
  • Lots of acreage behind the respite homes for outdoor games, walks and fun

Due to limited resources these programs are currently only serving clients whose provincial respite funding is managed by ConnectWell.

To find out more information about the respite house please call:

ConnectWell Community Health- Carleton Place 613-257-7619  or Toll Free 1-800- 667-2617

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